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Michael Moore in Wisconsin

Mar. 7th, 2011 | 07:29 am
location: United States, California, Daly City
mood: cheerfulcheerful

Hey, been neglecting this site but thought I needed to post this.

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January Newsletter for Laurelwood Veterinary Clinic

Jan. 5th, 2009 | 09:42 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful

January 5 ,2009 Winter Newsletter

Happy New Year to all! We hope everyone had a happy holiday and are looking forward to what 2009 will bring. We have listed below our recession-buster specials:

10% Discount on Dental Procedures for January and February only. For clients who have already had a dental done in the last 6 months, those clients will receive a 10 % discount for any future dental with no expiration date.

10% off a year’s supply of Advantage, Frontline, Heartguard, Revolution or Interceptor. Limited to the sizes we currently carry.

$20 Discount off Veterinary Services for Friends and Family Referrals.

Notes on Pet Health in an Economic Downturn

When money is tight, contrary to popular media stories, the first to suffer are often the pets. Many people cut back on vaccines, parasite control and may even abandon their pets. In addition, many other people may try breeding their pets to make money, not realizing all the problems that can ensue. The end result is more strays, more disease and more danger for the other pets.

The Bay Area is already seeing a rise in heartworm disease and parvo virus in isolated areas, an increase in abandoned pets and flea infestations where none had occurred before. Many puppies being advertised for sale are the result of mating dogs with major health problems and more puppies are being diagnosed with heart conditions, joint problems and hernias.

Thus, for the responsible pet owner, extra vigilance is required to make sure your pet is protected. If you are buying a puppy or kitten and not adopting from a shelter, buy only from a responsible breeder and have the pet checked out right away. Keep puppies away from the dog park, the local café , the beach or anywhere else dogs congregate until all the vaccines are done. Consider making your cat an inside cat or at least keeping it in at night to avoid fights with stray cats. Spay or neuter your pet both for its own health and to reduce the chance it might stray during the breeding season.

If you are looking for a way to cut costs, having an annual exam and doing preventative medicine like vaccines and parasite control will do more to save money in the long run than anything else. If your pet is healthy , you can generally save on food costs by buying less expensive food, but stay away from generic dog food, no matter how prettily packaged. I consider generic dog food to be any brand sold by a grocery store and not by a pet food company.

You also don’t need to give your pet additional vitamins or coat conditioners unless it has a specific medical problem.

Catching medical problems early before they become an emergency will also save you money in the long run. Annual exams can pick up early warning signs and are the best insurance against disease. Two of the most important early warning signs for owners to watch for at home are increased water drinking and weight loss. Identifying these trends can be difficult and requires a close eye , but everyone is welcome to bring their pet in anytime for a weighing.

We are lucky to have some very talented clients and would like to make note of a couple in every newsletter. If you would like your business listed, let us know. We do not charge for this service.

Mrs. Vickie Stillian is a phenomenal confectioner and her toffee is the best you’ve ever tasted. Her wares can be found at www.victoriastoffee.com or at Piazza’s.

Ms. Lisa Levine, a former professional road racer and corporate officer, has a wonderful online business dedicated to bridal needs – everything but the gown. She recently reported a sudden uptake in orders – could people be in a more marrying mood? Her offerings can be found online at www.perfectdetails.com .

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No Bail Out - No Disaster Capitalism

Sep. 22nd, 2008 | 10:29 am

 My letter to my congresswomen re the proposed 700 billion + bailout of Wall Street:

This is the sine qua non example of disaster capitalism described by Naomi Klein in her book, The Shock Doctrine. Please do not allow the Bush administration to stampede Congress into approving a massive giveaway to Wall Street. Some of these people should be in jail, not getting bailed out. Imagine if we had tried to prop up Enron instead of prosecuting them! I approve of Senator Barney Frank's proposals. I think Glass-Steagal needs to be resurrected along with its original provision for guaranteeing 6% savings rates to people who have bank savings accounts. I also fully support a new, vigorous antitrust movement. In addition, the richest of us are destabilizing the country with their obscene wealth. We must impose more taxes on the wealthiest, not only to garner income, but to make the rich-middle class chasm less stark. Finally, I believe that housing prices will not stop falling until they are actually affordable to the majority of US citizens. If I am correct, that means at least a 50% haircut from its high. If, as I understand it , the housing market was valued at 15 trillion at the high, that would put the final housing market value at 7.5 trillion at the low, and I do believe I am being conservative in predicting this. That would be trillions more losses that the US government might end up liable for if Congress is not very careful in what kind of legislation gets passed ultimately.

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Pet Health Tips

Mar. 14th, 2008 | 10:09 am

In November of 2007, our clinic diagnosed two heartworm positive dogs that were native to this area. This is a warning that heartworm is spreading and is becoming more of a threat.

Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes and, as the name implies, these are worms that live in the heart and cause heart failure over time.

It is recommended that dogs that are not currently on monthly heartworm preventative be tested with a simple blood test now prior to mosquito season. All dogs, even apartment dwelling dogs, should be on year-round monthly preventative.

Please contact us or your veterinarian for more information.
Easter Lilies and many other lilies are toxic to cats. Cats who chew on these plants can develop acute kidney failure and die despite emergency treatment.

Please do not allow these plants, either live or in floral arrangements, near your cats.


Finally, a little fun stuff: We now offer the Wisdom DNA test for mixed breed dogs - this is a simple blood test and the results are ready in 2-4 weeks. Please call 650-341-7741 to make an appointment - no exam is necessary for this test.


Laurelwood Veterinary Clinic is located in the Laurelwood Shopping Center in San Mateo near the College of San Mateo.

Take the West Hillsdale exit off Hwy. 92.
Open 8-12 and 2-6 Mon thru Fri, and the second Sat of the month from 8-1pm.

Dr. Dani Weber is a 1992 graduate of UC Davis School of Vet Med.
She treats dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents.
1334 West Hillsdale Blvd.
San Mateo, CA 94403

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Mar. 7th, 2008 | 09:24 am

This is what happens when my hard drive crashes and I lose my passwords. It takes me a full year to get back on track.

Brief update: There was a reason why Crashie was such a sleepy boy. He had a liver shunt. That's a really rare condition, but he had surgery at the specialists (Veterinary Surgical Associates) and he has grown into a beautiful, normal cat. He needs to be on a special, low protein diet for life and I have to monitor him for high blood pressure as he gets older, but he's gone through everything so far beautifully.

He's got a new brother,too: Hollywood - this was back in Sept.

This was more recently:

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Meet Crash

Jun. 14th, 2007 | 04:45 pm

Meet my new kitten, Crash. My mom will never believe this is the way he is 18 hours out of the day. The other 6 hours, he lives up to his name.

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GoodBye, Honey

Mar. 26th, 2007 | 07:40 am
location: office
mood: exhaustedexhausted

Of all the pets I've lost in the last couple years - my mare, Zoe, Wesley, my special needs kitty, Murphy, my old man, this one hurts the most. Honey needed an exploratory and biopsies for what turned out to be inflammatory bowel disease, but complications post-op arose. She needed additional surgery which was done early Sunday morning but her kidneys failed completely - she couldn't produce any urine and no treatment attempted could reverse it - and she had to be euthanized.

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Pet Food Recall

Mar. 19th, 2007 | 01:09 pm
location: office

Pet food Recall Hotline Recall Information 1-866-895-2708






Pet Food Recall
March 19, 2007

This report contains breaking news in the current recall of pet foods. Thanks goes to Dr. Schott, Dr. Beeler and East Lincoln Animal Hospital for allowing me to reprint their info.List of affected brands and more links at the end.

Menu Foods, a major manufacturer of dog and cat foods in North America, announced a recall of 60 million containers of canned food or food in pouches sold between December 3 and March 6. Menu Foods manufactures pet foods for 17 of the top 20 North American retailers. Safeway, Wal-Mart, and Petsmart store brands are involved in the recall. Iams, Eukanuba, Hill's Science Diet, and some Purina brands are participating in a voluntary recall as well.

Tests of some affected product have not revealed the cause of sickness. There have been a small number of reported cases of cats and one dog from the US becoming sick and developing signs of kidney failure. The signs of kidney failure include loss of appetite, vomiting, and lethargy. Ten deaths, one dog and nine cats, have been reported at this time.

If your animal has been eating one of the recalled foods we recommend that you have your pet screened for kidney problems. This requires a blood and urine sample. You should screen your pet even if your pet is not currently showing symptoms. Have your pet checked if your pet is showing any of the following symptoms: lethargy, drinking excessively, urinating excessively, vomiting, not eating.
A list of affected brands and links to specific lot or serial numbers and/or UPCs can be found at www.fda.gov and at www.menufoods.com. We at Laurelwood Veterinary Clinic have downloaded the product information for the cat foods involved but only have a list of brands affected for the dogs - you can call us at 650-341-7741 for that information.

See www.menufoods.com/recall for more information as well as a specific list of dog and cat foods recalled (with production dates). Again, only canned foods have been recalled.  Hill's Science Diet and Purina Mighty Dog Pouches are part of the voluntary recall and may not be on the menufoods list.

If you can confirm that you have fed a product whose serial or lot number or UPC is on the list:

Save all unopened cans or pouches. Find any empty cans or pouches that may still be in your garbage and save them in plastic bags. Make an immediate appointment to have your pet examined and kidney function evaluated via laboratory testing.

If you have been feeding one of the foods on the list but have different serial or lot numbers or UPCs:

We advise not continuing to feed these foods since the recall list may be expanded to include batches of food not originally recalled. Please save these foods in case they are added to the recall, so that they may be submitted for analysis if indicated.

If you pet has been eating one of the types of foods on the recall list, but you don’t know if they have ever eaten one of the known affected batches, we advise that you make an appointment to have laboratory evaluation of kidney function performed. This appointment should be immediate if there are any signs of kidney problems, even if you cannot confirm lot or serial numbers as being in the current recall.

At this time we do not know what, if any, costs of diagnostic testing or treatment will be reimbursed by the manufacturer. We require payment at the time of services and recommend that all receipts and product packaging be saved, and associated costs documented. We will assist fully in collecting any and all evidence that may be necessary in detecting any link between a pet’s illness and this terrible incident.

Please call us at (650)341-7741 if you have a question regarding the pet food recall.

March 17 07
Important websites

Pet food Recall Hotline Recall Information 1-866-895-2708

The recalled foods include only chunks-and-gravy style canned food. No dry pet foods are on the list.

FDA website about recall

Menu Food Press Release

List of called cat foods brands:
(Above website has links to specific lot numbers for each brand, except for Eukanuba/Iams. It does not list Science Diet/Hills which is in the recall – see separate link below.)
Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
Best Choice
Demoulas Market Basket
Fine Feline Cat
Food Lion
Giant Companion
Hill Country Fare
Key Food
Laura Lynn
Li'l Red
Loving Meals
Meijer's Main Choice
Nutro Max Gourmet Classics
Nutro Natural Choice
Pet Pride
Presidents Choice
Price Chopper
Special Kitty Canada
Special Kitty US
Springfield Prize
Total Pet, My True Friend
Western Family
White Rose
Winn Dixie

List of called dog foods brands:
(Above website has links to specific lot numbers for each brand, except for Eukanuba/Iams. It does not list Science Diet/Hills and Purina Mighty Dog which are in the recall – see separate link below.)
Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
Best Choice
Big Bet
Big Red
Demoulas Market Basket
Food Lion
Giant Companion
Great Choice
Hill Country Fare
Key Food
Laura Lynn
Loving Meals
Main Choice
Nutro Max
Nutro Natural Choice
Pet Essentials
Pet Pride - Good n Meaty
Presidents Choice
Price Chopper
Roche Bros
Shep Dog
Springsfield Prize
Stater Bros
Total Pet, My True Friend
Western Family
White Rose
Winn Dixie
Your Pet

Pet Food Institute Press Release (Long List of Manufacturers)

Purina Mighty Dog 5.3 ounce pouch products are being withdrawn by Nestlé Purina - http://www.fda.gov/oc/po/firmrecalls/purina03_07.html.

Information concerning Iams and Eukanuba cat and dog foods recalled can be found at:

Iams/Eukanuba lot numbers

Science Diet/Hills lot numbers

From Hill's Pet Nutrition website:   http://www.hillspet.com
In response to the recent Menu Foods, Inc. nationwide recall of wet pet foods, Hill's® Pet Nutrition, Inc. has announced a voluntary precautionary recall in the United States and Canada of a very small number of canned cat products that are co-manufactured by Menu. Hill's is voluntarily recalling the following products:

1. Science Diet® Kitten Savory Cuts® Ocean Fish 3 oz. and 5.5 oz.
2. Science Diet® Feline Adult Savory Cuts® Beef 5.5 oz.
3. Science Diet® Feline Adult Savory Cuts® Chicken 5.5 oz.
4. Science Diet® Feline Adult Savory Cuts® Ocean Fish 5.5 oz.
5. Science Diet® Feline Senior Savory Cuts® Chicken 5.5 oz.

No other Hill's products are affected by this recall.
Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc., is taking this precautionary step to protect the health and well being of your pets. Hill's has received no reported cases of illness. Consumers of other pet food brands manufactured by Menu Foods have reported a small number of cases of cats becoming ill with loss of appetite, vomiting, and lethargy which are potential signs of kidney failure.
This voluntary product recall involves discontinuation of all retail sales and product retrieval from consumers. Consumers should stop using the affected products immediately. Consult with a veterinarian if any symptoms are present in your pet. All Science Diet products carry a 100 percent guarantee, and consumers can receive a refund for recalled products

Hill's is recalling the following product codes. Product codes can be found at the bottom of the can. Only relevant code numbers have been listed (X's indicate irrelevant numbers).
1..BESTBEFORE 09 2008 M06XXXXXX 4414
2. .BESTBEFORE 08 2008 M28XXXXXX 4416
3. .BESTBEFORE 08 2008 M28XXXXXX 4415
4. .BESTBEFORE 08 2008 M28XXXXXX 4601
5. .BESTBEFORE 08 2008 M28XXXXXX 4603
6. .BESTBEFORE 08 2008 M25XXXXXX 4457
7. .BESTBEFORE 08 2008 M28XXXXXX 4414

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Mar. 14th, 2007 | 08:20 am
location: office
mood: aggravatedaggravated

Dear Editor,

Why do some cyclists take up the whole lane on narrow country roads? Because, unfortunately , some car drivers think they can squeeze past cyclists with inches to spare. When a cyclist rides in the middle of the lane, the driver must enter the other lane in order to pass and when they do this they are far more likely to pass with plenty of room to spare . Cyclists are doing this for their own safety, not to annoy drivers.

This morning, as I was riding down Crystal Springs Road on my way to work, I was off to the right as most drivers pass with care, but after a black SUV passed me within a hairs-breath of hitting me and I couldn't move any further to the right because of a large pothole inches to my right, I moved into the middle of the lane and stayed there. Tomorrow, I'll have my camera ready.

My question to that black SUV driver: Why endanger someone's life ? What do you get out of this? Does it make you feel big?

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R.I. P. Murphy, My Beautiful Boy

Mar. 9th, 2007 | 03:37 pm

Murphy, my Sheltie, passed away March 7, 2007 peacefully, in his sleep. He was 15 years old. I got him the winter of my senior year in vet school from a breeder in Esparto. All my good pictures of him are pre-digital, so I'll have to scan some in later.

I thought I'd be a basket case after Murphy died. Instead, while I miss him, I know it was his time. I guess I got all the tears out of the way over the last three years. I remember sitting and hugging him several years ago, just dreading the day he would need to be euthanized. The last few months, I'd hug him and tell Honey "Now, Honey, don't be jealous; We're not going to have Murphy much longer" (I hugged her,too!) She was such a jealous dog but she got vastly better over the last 5 years. Instead, I am mostly torn up over her death - I had promised Honey that it would just be me and her after Murphy passed away - I wouldn't get any more pets until after she was gone. And then I didn't have her for more than a couple weeks.

I am so glad he just went gently. He was in his normal sleeping spot by the sofa when I found him Wed. and there was no sign of a struggle. Honey was apparently not concerned at all- well, that's the way dogs can be - they are not like us- death doesn't mean the same thing to them.

Murphy was a great guard dog; he took his duties very seriously and patrolled even up to his death. He was deaf for the last 3-4 years, so he looked to Honey to alert him to noises - he relied on her a lot the last couple years.

He was weak and slow from his thyroid condition even on medication and had lots of lipomas (fatty tumors) and any pain meds other than aspirin gave him diarrhea. He had a food allergy but did well on Z/D diet. He had a yeast infection that was controlled with medicated shampoo and a chronic cough from bronchitis. Other than that, he was very healthy - bloodwork, u/a completely normal, xrays normal. 4 months earlier, he had handled a dental better than many dogs younger than him.

He was mostly incontinent and maybe a bit senile, but I had the diaper routine down to a science although I freaked out a bit when the store I bought the Depends had stopped carrying the type I needed. However, all was well after I tried one of their newer designs. I had had to use corn starch and frequent baths to control the diaper rash when I tried using a doggie diaper plus an insertable pad - when I started just using a diaper that would go all the way around, he stopped getting a rash.

Note to anyone with an old, incontinent dog - don't use generics - Depends are the only brand that will contain the urine without leaking.

I am hoping to post some pics soon. He was such a cute puppy and stayed cute his whole life, even when he was old and grey. He loved his ball, although he wasn't very deft- he dropped a bunch of balls. I had him trained to retrieve the ball or frisbee then place it in my hand before I would throw it again. If he didn't, then fine, he didn't have to but we were done with the throwing session. That kept him from getting burnt out,too.

I also used to play racquetball by myself on an open handball court at the local high school and Murphy would retrieve the ball and bring it back when I missed - well, he did that until one caught him the eye socket one day and then he didn't think it was fun anymore. Sorry, Murphy! (His eye was ok.)

There was the time I took him up the Oregon coast and I tried fishing in the rogue river and he jumped in the water - the deep,raging wide river - my dog that hated water and never swam - to catch the red and white ball on the line - yikes, I thought he was going to drown.

He was first in his class in puppy school and I took him to one obedience class but he got dinged for my handling errors ( I gave double commands when heeling) so his score wasn't as high as it could have been - I was planning to try to qualify for the Dog World magazine award for dogs that get over 195 out of a perfect 200 for each leg for the CD- I think he had a 194 and a half - so I lost interest in even getting his CD if I couldn't qualify him for this award. I think he was perfectly happy with that - he was much happier fetching the ball anyway. He always was a perfect gentleman when I'd take him for walks. When my various boyfriends would help walking the dogs, I'd give them Murphy and tell them - "he's cruise control" because he would just come along, whereas Honey would be all over the place.

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